SegoEd: Revolutionizing Student Engagement and Combating College Dropout Rates


SegoEd, a patented leader in education technology, provides a comprehensive data management and course assessment tool aimed at enhancing student engagement and combating the prevalent college dropout rates that affect higher education today.

Understanding the Approach

SegoEd’s approach to combating dropout rates and increasing student engagement begins with an in-depth understanding of each student’s unique needs, preferences, and challenges. To achieve this personalized insight, SegoEd employs a comprehensive 45-item survey, administered to students at the midway point of each semester.

Who Are We For

Office of the President:

Comprehensive access encompassing course, department, college, and university-level data, enriched with advanced Tableau visualizations for deeper insights.


Broad visibility into data at the course, department, college, and university levels, enabling informed decision-making across the board.


Exclusive access to individualized scorecards for their specific sections, complemented by data insights across course, department, college, and university levels.


Empowerment through reports that highlight university-wide engagement metrics, keeping them informed about broader institutional engagement patterns.

Survey Details


The 45-item survey covers critical areas such as theory and knowledge, community involvement, active & collaborative, and application & skills. These insights enable SegoEd to tailor engagement strategies for each student, aiming to maximize retention and completion rates.


The survey has been thoughtfully crafted to gather essential information without placing undue burdens on students. Taking approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, it encourages honest and thoughtful responses.


The survey can be administered each semester throughout a student’s educational journey, allowing for continuous monitoring and adjustments based on changing circumstances and needs.


The survey results are seamlessly integrated into the SegoEd platform, where real-time analysis and tailored recommendations are generated for educators, administrators, and students alike.

Benefits of the Survey Approach

Personalized Strategies:

By understanding each student’s unique situation, SegoEd can develop individualized engagement and support plans.

Data-Driven Insights:

The survey results provide robust data that can be used to identify trends, recognize at-risk students, and deploy timely interventions.


The 10-minute survey is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds can easily complete it.

Holistic View:

By covering various domains, the survey offers a holistic view of the student experience, paving the way for comprehensive strategies to enhance their success.

The College Dropout Crisis

With average dropout rates hovering at 40% for undergraduate students, colleges and universities are facing an unprecedented challenge. Factors ranging from financial difficulties to lack of familial support are contributing to alarming trends in higher education:

  • Only 41% of college students graduate in 4 years or less.
  • College dropout rates are 20% higher for male students compared to female students.
  • 55% of college students struggle to find financial support, resulting in 51% dropping out.
  • Public universities experience a higher-than-average dropout rate of 50%.
  • Foster kids face the smallest odds of graduating from college – only 8 to 10% do so.
  • The economic consequences of dropping out are stark, with college dropouts earning an average of $21,000 less than degree holders.
  • In racial demographics, significant disparities exist, with 10% of Asian students dropping out in two-year colleges compared to 31% of black students.


Check out this article from ThinkImpact to learn more. 

Key Features & Functionality

  • Course Design Assessment Tool: Offers a unique approach to evaluating courses without direct faculty involvement, ensuring that student engagement is maximized in all aspects.
  • Measures Engagement: Leverages fundamental engagement principles to gauge both High-Impact Practices and broader course elements.
  • Real-time Adjustments: Enables real-time modifications based on gathered data, allowing for ongoing improvements and responsive adaptations.
  • Efficient Data Collection: Streamlines data collection and metric computation, with only six respondents needed per course for accurate assessment.
  • Funding and Designations: Focused on bolstering retention rates and augmenting funding of designated courses to ultimately amplify university standing and student success.
  • Demographic Data: Insights into underrepresented, underserved, or unengaged communities for impactful engagement strategies.
  • Retention and Completion Rates Monitoring: Leveraging vast data on retention rates, SegoEd helps institutions to develop retention strategies, particularly where the rates are lower, such as in public institutions.
  • Longitudinal and Comparable Data: Provides longitudinal and comparable data for robust reporting, supporting data grouping based on various factors.
  • FERPA Compliant and Seamless LMS Integration : Ensures complete compliance with FERPA regulations and offers seamless integration with Learning Management Systems.

Benefits & Impact

Student Engagement & Success:

Increases student involvement, persistence to subsequent semesters, and completion of degrees, especially within at risk populations.

Funding and Designations:

SegoEd provides data needed for High-Impact Practice designations and funding. 

More Equitable Engagement:

SegoEd ensures that all students, regardless of background or status, have equal opportunities for success. The platform’s insights into underrepresented, underserved, or unengaged communities allow institutions to develop targeted strategies that foster inclusivity and equity in the educational experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Dynamic scorecards with individual analytics for comprehensive views.

Customizable Interface:

Features a customizable dashboard, survey, and email tool for seamless navigation.

Enhanced Reporting:

Visualization, reporting, and provision of actionable insights.

UVU Outcomes: Service Learning

infographic service learning

Check out Utah Valley University to learn more about our partnership. 

Committed to Excellence

SegoEd is about enhancing engagement and equity, improving retention rates, increasing funding, and boosting university standing and student success. Our approach is grounded in simplicity, automation, accessibility, and adherence to privacy and security standards.

We invite you to explore how SegoEd can revolutionize your institution’s approach to student engagement and success.