Elevating Classroom Experiences

Purpose of the SegoEd Survey

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The SegoEd Student Engagement Survey represents a collaborative effort between Utah Valley University and Summit Venture Studio, led by Brittney Hayes, a proud alumna of the University of Utah. This project is born from a commitment to deepen our understanding of the academic experience, seen through the eyes of those who matter most – the students.

At the heart of this initiative lies a simple yet powerful objective: to transform the way classroom engagement is perceived and enhanced. We recognize that the key to a more enriching educational journey lies in listening to the students themselves. By capturing their honest feedback and experiences, we aim to uncover the true essence of what makes a classroom environment not just educational, but also engaging and inspiring. 

The SegoEd Survey is more than just a tool for data collection; it is a pathway to understanding the subtle nuances of student engagement. It is designed to shed light on what truly motivates and drives students in their learning processes, what aspects of course delivery capture their interest, and how the classroom environment can be optimized to foster a more involved and interactive learning experience.

Enhancing Classroom Dynamics with SegoEd Insights

How WE want to help YOU

The SegoEd Student Engagement Survey is meticulously designed to assist educators in unlocking the full potential of their classrooms. As a thank you for participating in our project we will provide you with the following insights:

In-Depth Analysis for Deeper Understanding:

Our primary goal is to systematically dissect the collected data to identify trends, patterns, and crucial insights. This deep analysis will help you understand the finer nuances of student engagement in your course.

Comprehensive Reporting for Clarity and Direction:

Expect detailed reports that offer more than just numbers. These reports will provide a clear overview of the engagement levels in your course, highlight key findings, and suggest areas for enhancement.

Personalized Feedback for Targeted Improvements:

Each participating educator will receive an individualized report. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all document; it’s a tailored analysis that shows where your course stands in terms of student engagement and how it compares to similar courses in the field.

Actionable Recommendations for Immediate Impact:

Our reports will not only present data but also offer actionable recommendations. These suggestions are designed to help you refine course structures, update teaching methodologies, and make informed decisions that can immediately improve the classroom experience.

Benchmarking for a Broader Perspective:

By comparing your course’s engagement levels with similar courses, we provide a context for your data. This benchmarking is crucial for understanding your course’s position in the broader educational landscape and identifying areas for growth and innovation.

Partnering in Educational Excellence:

Our commitment extends beyond delivering a report. We see ourselves as partners in your journey toward educational excellence, offering continued support and collaboration to help you implement our findings effectively.

Simple Steps to Transform Your Classroom with SegoEd

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Joining the SegoEd Student Engagement Survey Project is a straightforward and rewarding process. Here's how it works:

Share the Survey Link:
  • Start by sharing the survey link provided at the top of this page with your students. It’s a quick, easy step that opens the door to invaluable insights.
  • Encourage your students to participate by emphasizing the survey’s importance in enhancing their learning experience.
Analysis by SegoEd System:
  • Once the responses are in, our sophisticated SegoEd system takes over. We meticulously analyze the data to extract meaningful patterns and trends.
  • Our focus is on turning raw data into coherent narratives that reveal the depth of student engagement in your course.
Receive Free Insights into Course Engagement:
  • Upon completion of our analysis, you will receive a comprehensive report.
  • This report is not just a summary of data; it’s a window into your classroom’s soul, offering actionable insights and clear benchmarks.
  • The insights provided are tailored to help you understand your course’s engagement level and offer strategies for enhancement.
What You Gain:
  • A better understanding of your students’ engagement and learning experience.
  • Data-driven strategies to refine your classroom approach.
  • A chance to compare and learn from the engagement levels of similar courses.
Our Commitment to You:
  • We ensure the entire process is seamless and informative.
  • Our team is available for any support or clarification you might need along the way.
  • We are dedicated to making this experience as enriching for you as it is for your students.

Join us in this journey to redefine educational excellence. A few simple steps can lead to a profound transformation in your classroom dynamics.

Survey Details

Survey Structure:

  • Anonymity: Strictly anonymous to encourage honest and candid responses.
  • Duration: Approximately 15 minutes.
  • Content: Questions designed to evaluate various aspects of course engagement, including:
    • Active and Collaborative Learning
    • Tools
    • Professionals’ (client) Interactions
    • Community Involvement
    • Content
    • Application and Skills
    • Theory/Knowledge
    • Content
Students Engaging

Distribution Method:

  • Target Audience: Students enrolled in various courses.
  • Distribution Channel: Facilitated by professors via shared survey links.
  • Timeline: To be determined based on course schedules and professor availability.
  • Statistical Significance: 6 respondents needed for accurate look at course engagement.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced Teaching Methods: Insights from the survey can lead to improved teaching strategies tailored to student needs.
  • Curriculum Development: Data-driven recommendations for curriculum adjustments to boost student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Informed Decision Making: Empower educational institutions with data to make informed decisions regarding course design and teaching methodologies.

SegoEd at UVU

The research at UVU delved into the impact of OEL pillar enrollments on students' persistence and the evaluation of the quality of High-Impact Practices (HIPs).
  • Students’ Persistence: The intensity of participation in OEL pillars significantly predicts students’ persistence.
    • Every additional OEL pillar increases persistence odds by 47%.
    • Critical participation value for persistence to the next semester is involvement in four OEL pillars.
    • Two combinations notably impacted persistence:
      • Service-learning combined with global/intercultural, which raised persistence odds by 63%.
      • Service-learning paired with research, escalating odds by 95%


This supported earlier research indicating the significant impact of service-learning on student outcomes.

Quality Evaluation of HIPs at UVU:
  • Quality varies across HIPs, engaged experiences, and course sections.
  • UVU is developing its ‘Five Pillars of Student Engagement’ to standardize the quality of student engagement.
    • Faculty are in charge of curriculum design.
    • OEL handles engagement measurement and assessment.
    • OTL (Office of Teaching and Learning) addresses any identified gaps in curriculum design or teaching methods.
  • The goal is uniformity in student engagement levels across different course sections.
  • UVU’s effectiveness measures cover various aspects, including academic service-learning courses, internships’ professionalism, and global competency from study abroad courses.


Learn More about High-Impact Practices.

Intercultural Competency Assessment:
  • Using the Assessment of Intercultural Competency (AIC) tool, UVU tracks global/intercultural courses’ efficacy.
  • Intercultural Competency covers skills, attitude, awareness, and knowledge.
  • Data revealed intercultural competency improvement rates of 19% and 27% in Spring and Fall 2018, respectively, with a four-semester average of 23%.
SegoEd Implementation:
  • UVU institutionalized SEGO under its Office of Engaged Learning.
  • The SEGO Dashboard, launching with a comprehensive survey, aims to assess and elevate student engagement and maintain HIPs’ quality.
  • This tool will aid decision-making at multiple institutional levels, pushing for constant improvement based on feedback.


Click Here to learn more about SegoEd at UVU. 


Additional Questions? Contact us!

  • Project Lead: Brittney Hayes
  • Email: Brittney@segoed.com