Elevating Classroom Experiences

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Purpose of the SegoEd Survey

Share the Survey, Shape Your Learning: Get Involved for a Better Classroom Experience!

The SegoEd Student Engagement Survey represents a collaborative effort between Utah Valley University and Summit Venture Studio, led by Brittney Hayes, a proud alumna of the University of Utah. This project is born from a commitment to deepen our understanding of the academic experience, seen through the eyes of those who matter most – the students.

At the heart of this initiative lies a simple yet powerful objective: to transform the way classroom engagement is perceived and enhanced. We recognize that the key to a more enriching educational journey lies in listening to the students themselves. By capturing their honest feedback and experiences, we aim to uncover the true essence of what makes a classroom environment not just educational, but also engaging and inspiring. 

Enhancing Classroom Dynamics with SegoEd Insights

How WE want to help YOU

At SegoEd, we’re not just about gathering data; we’re committed to positively impacting your educational journey. By participating in our survey, you’re contributing to a larger effort to enhance the learning experience for students like you. Here’s how we aim to help:

Incentives for Your Contribution:
  • Direct Rewards: For every completed survey, you’ll receive $10 as a token of our appreciation.
  • Referral Bonus: If you encourage 5 other students to complete the survey, we’ll thank you with an additional $25 bonus. It’s our way of acknowledging your effort in supporting this initiative.
Empowering Educators to Improve Courses:
  • The insights you provide will play a crucial role in helping educators understand what works and what doesn’t in the classroom.
  • SegoEd uses your feedback to guide educators in improving course content, making classes more engaging and relevant.
  • A more engaging learning environment directly contributes to better academic outcomes and predicts student success.
  • Your voice will help shape a more dynamic and responsive educational experience, not just for you but for future students as well.
Your Impact:
  • By participating in the SegoEd survey, you’re doing more than just answering questions; you’re actively participating in shaping the future of education.
  • Every response is a step towards a more engaging and effective learning environment that resonates with students’ needs and aspirations.

Join us in this journey to transform education and make your mark as a pivotal contributor to the betterment of academic experiences!

Simple Steps to Transform Your Educational Experience

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Joining the SegoEd Student Engagement Survey Project is a straightforward and rewarding process. Here's how it works:

Click on the Survey Link:
  • Start by clicking on the SegoEd Survey Link provided on this page. Make sure you’re ready to provide thoughtful responses to our questions.
Complete the Survey:
  • Your honest and detailed feedback is crucial. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
Share with Friends:
  • Spread the word! Share the survey link with your friends and classmates. Your participation can amplify the impact of this initiative.
Gather Referrals:
  • Encourage at least 5 of your peers to complete the survey. Remember, there’s a bonus reward for you if you reach this referral milestone.
Receive Your Reward:
  • Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be eligible to receive your $10 reward.
  • If you successfully refer 5 friends who complete the survey, claim your additional $25 bonus.
Keep an Eye on Your Inbox:

We’ll send the rewards to the email address provided in the survey. Watch your inbox for the reward details and claim instructions.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced Teaching Methods: Insights from the survey can lead to improved teaching strategies tailored to student needs.
  • Curriculum Development: Data-driven recommendations for curriculum adjustments to boost student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Informed Decision Making: Empower educational institutions with data to make informed decisions regarding course design and teaching methodologies.

SegoEd at UVU

The research at UVU delved into the impact of OEL pillar enrollments on students' persistence and the evaluation of the quality of High-Impact Practices (HIPs).
  • Students’ Persistence: The intensity of participation in OEL pillars significantly predicts students’ persistence.
    • Every additional OEL pillar increases persistence odds by 47%.
    • Critical participation value for persistence to the next semester is involvement in four OEL pillars.
    • Two combinations notably impacted persistence:
      • Service-learning combined with global/intercultural, which raised persistence odds by 63%.
      • Service-learning paired with research, escalating odds by 95%


This supported earlier research indicating the significant impact of service-learning on student outcomes.

Quality Evaluation of HIPs at UVU:
  • Quality varies across HIPs, engaged experiences, and course sections.
  • UVU is developing its ‘Five Pillars of Student Engagement’ to standardize the quality of student engagement.
    • Faculty are in charge of curriculum design.
    • OEL handles engagement measurement and assessment.
    • OTL (Office of Teaching and Learning) addresses any identified gaps in curriculum design or teaching methods.
  • The goal is uniformity in student engagement levels across different course sections.
  • UVU’s effectiveness measures cover various aspects, including academic service-learning courses, internships’ professionalism, and global competency from study abroad courses.


Learn More about High-Impact Practices.

Intercultural Competency Assessment:
  • Using the Assessment of Intercultural Competency (AIC) tool, UVU tracks global/intercultural courses’ efficacy.
  • Intercultural Competency covers skills, attitude, awareness, and knowledge.
  • Data revealed intercultural competency improvement rates of 19% and 27% in Spring and Fall 2018, respectively, with a four-semester average of 23%.
SegoEd Implementation:
  • UVU institutionalized SEGO under its Office of Engaged Learning.
  • The SEGO Dashboard, launching with a comprehensive survey, aims to assess and elevate student engagement and maintain HIPs’ quality.
  • This tool will aid decision-making at multiple institutional levels, pushing for constant improvement based on feedback.


Click Here to learn more about SegoEd at UVU. 


Additional Questions? Contact us!

  • Project Lead: Brittney Hayes
  • Email: Brittney@segoed.com