Learn more about how SegoEd has been helping Utah Valley University improve their student engagement.

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Dr. Frederick White, UVU - Associate Vice-President for Engaged Learning

“In our pursuit of engaged learning, SegoEd has been an invaluable tool. It has enabled us to effectively assess and enhance academic and community engagement within the classroom, providing actionable insights for immediate course improvements. Not just a measurement tool, SegoEd empowers us to ensure our high impact practices truly deliver on their promises for students. The result? Accelerated student success and an intensified impact of our programs. SegoEd is the compass guiding our commitment to effective, student-centric learning.”

“SegoEd’s data-driven approach has helped us fine-tune our curricula and make prompt adjustments that directly benefit our students. However, it’s essential to mention that SegoEd is not about evaluating faculty; it’s about ensuring that the embedded high impact practices in our courses are doing what they’re meant to do. And if they’re not, it gives faculty the tools to make immediate, impactful changes for the students’ benefit in the following semester.”

Dr. Jonathan Westover, UVU - Professor, Chair of Organizational Leadership, Academic Director of the UVU Center for Social Impact, Faculty Fellow for Ethics in Public Life (previously the Associate Director) in the Center for the Study of Ethics

“We have found immense value in the SegoEd platform. There are intangibles that are really important for student growth and development as well, and ultimately, statistics on overall impact and graduation. I did want to just highlight what is happening across campus. There are so many cool things, and Sego has been helping us to monitor and track this over time. So it’s been a wonderful partnership.”

Dr. Alaa Alsarhan, UVU - Program Director of Engaged Learning, Inventor of SegoEd

“Sego provides evidence-based engaged learning, which can be used for multiple layers of measurement, assessment, and accreditation. The program addresses gaps and tests assumptions in course design and allows highly engaging courses — or elements of courses — to be replicated across the university.”