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Empowering Student Engagement for a Brighter Future

Welcome to SegoEd, your partner in shaping the future of higher education. With student attrition and declining enrollment posing significant challenges in today’s academic landscape, SegoEd is committed to providing dynamic solutions that revitalize student engagement and retention. We leverage cutting-edge technology and actionable data insights to tackle these issues head-on.

We provide you with the ability to measure and analyze engagement activities, identify potential shortcomings, and optimize course designs for maximum student participation. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that engagement is fundamental to every course, transcending mere subject matter. The SegoEd survey is meticulously designed, reflecting the foundational theories of engagement. It explores every facet that can and should captivate students, fostering an immersive classroom environment that drives learning and success.


What sets SegoEd apart is our comprehensive approach to engagement. While we do believe in the power of High Impact Practices (HIPs), we go beyond the 11 defined HIPs to encompass a broader understanding of student engagement. We believe in creating a culture where students are actively involved, their voices are heard, and learning extends beyond the classroom.

SegoEd’s features include a customizable dashboard, a robust data management and visualization system, and a unique course assessment tool. Our platform is flexible, efficiently designed to align with any university’s hierarchy, and equipped to connect effectively with diverse and underrepresented students. We also facilitate course assessments with as little as six respondents per course, and we allow for semester-based adjustments and effective responsiveness. And importantly, we’ve created a system where course effectiveness can be evaluated without direct faculty assessment, thanks to our advanced batching and distribution capabilities.

Our platform also allows educators to assess course outcomes and adapt in real-time, fostering an engaging and responsive learning environment. We assess not just academic performance, but also intangible aspects of learning, like curiosity and practical knowledge application.

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Elevate Your Institution, Inspire Your Students

In a world saturated with information, an educational institution’s distinctiveness is determined not by what they teach, but how they teach it. The future of education lies in high-impact, engagement-driven learning practices, with technology playing an indispensable role in this evolution. The success of SegoEd attests to this fact, and educators worldwide can significantly benefit from integrating such technology into their pedagogy.

Here at SegoEd, we are at the forefront of this educational transformation. Our platform is designed to leverage technology to boost student engagement and tackle challenges like high attrition and lower enrollment. We empower institutions with robust, insightful data and customizable features, enabling them to adapt and innovate in their teaching methods. Through our commitment to high-impact, engagement-driven practices, we are shaping the future of education and helping institutions enhance their distinctive teaching approach. Join us on this journey and witness how SegoEd can redefine the learning experience at your institution.

Purpose Built for Higher Education

Our robust system offers a flexible and customizable dashboard, survey, and email tool for easy navigation. It’s designed to provide insights into underrepresented, underserved, or unengaged communities, enabling institutions to develop more effective engagement strategies. The platform’s core functions include data gathering, metric calculation, visualizations and reporting, and delivering meaningful and actionable insights to users.

We offer dynamic scorecards with individual analytics for an all-around view, supporting grouping of data based on course, date, gender, and more. We can also provide both longitudinal and comparable data for more robust reporting, as well as customizable survey and messaging distribution.

Ultimately, SegoEd aims to improve student outcomes. Our data shows that our tool can significantly increase the likelihood of students persisting to the next semester and completing their degree. In essence, SegoEd is about enhancing student engagement, improving retention rates, and ultimately boosting university standing and student success in an easy, automated, and accessible way, all while ensuring FERPA compliance and the privacy and security of student data.

Our Vision

SegoEd envisions a higher-education landscape where universities use data-driven insights to enhance the impact of high-impact practices and beyond while improving student outcomes and graduation rates, especially amongst at-risk populations.

Our Mission

At SegoEd, our mission is to empower higher education programs with the tools they need to drive informed decision-making and support student success. Join us in creating a brighter future for students and academic programs alike. Together, we can transform higher education through data-driven insights and unleash the full potential of student engagement.


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