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Actionable HIP Data from Sego Analytics
What is Sego?

Actionable Data. Faster.

SegoEd, now a patented technology, is transforming the higher education landscape with its innovative EdTech solutions.

Designed at Utah Valley University specifically to improve student engagement, retention, and graduation rates, SegoEd provides rapid, actionable assessments of the existence and effectiveness of High-Impact Practices and beyond, to enhance student engagement and improve outcomes.

Unlike traditional methods, our proprietary survey and analysis algorithm delivers results faster and with fewer respondents, giving institutions the data-driven insights they need to make informed decisions. Join the revolution and give your students the support they need to succeed with SegoEd.

SegoEd's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Empower Faculty & Administrators

Efficient Data Collection

Only 6 respondents per course required for more efficient data collection

Measuring Engagement

Measure engagement beyond just High-Impact Practices for a comprehensive understanding


Entire platform designed to be customizable and easy to use

Course Design Assessment Tool

Assess course design effectively, without evaluating faculty members

Demographic Data

Provides insights into communities that are underrepresented or underserved.

Funding and Designations

Use data for funding and designations, or create your own course designations

Customizable Dashboard and Data Reports

Access a customizable dashboard, survey, and email tool for easy navigation

Real Time Adjustment

Administer the survey every semester for quicker and real-time adjustments

FERPA Compliant for student safety

Ensures the privacy and security of student data

About SEGO

Purpose Built for Higher Education

Sego was developed at Utah Valley University where the analysis was developed, optimized, and successfully implemented. 

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SegoEd is now a patented technology. 


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